Friday, June 26, 2009

I was asked to place this for her ladyship, and as always it is an honour.

Hear me Noble Arisen!I send this call out to you who hide near in the shadows. To those who walked these lands as it's rightful Rulers. I call for you to return and reclaim that Rule. Too long have the mortals wandered unchecked. The chaos of Lawlessness seeping from every crack of this land. Return and remind your subjects who their Lords and Ladies are. Stand with me and rule as you were meant to.
Your Faithful Prophetess,Countess Tirris NoelCountessa Dell'ombra and High Seer of the Vampires

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rape accusations

I have been asked to print the below statement. It is followed by a reply by the party in question. it is in her own words. I have not edited either and both are as I recieved them.

From Franz.

For all to know, the candidate of the Lumberman is falsely accused of threatenings of rape.
Horrific false rumours and gossips are spreading througout the places to deviate the attention, destroy the honour of the Lumberman, and promote another candidacy that will bring us to brink and destruction.
Golgothians, do not believe these wrong accusations and trust the Lumberman.
These rumours, are even now affecting the duties of the Lumberman whose integrity is at stake. The Lumberman sends this message to stop them and to repeat once again that his agents do not mengle into personal affairs when they are on duty
The Lumberman will support his candidate as his experience speaks by himself, as his program derives from this experience and as he has the real exclusive willingness to bring Wytchaven and all the Golgothians to preace and stability.

Gebo's reply

Gebby was cleaning the floor in the inn, The Badman, that lumberer, comes in and asks me loads of questions, about things that are not his to ask. Then he sez about Gebby wearing her new kimono, me mam bought it for me, it's got flowers on.
He sez that me mam will be angry with me when i gets home raped for teasing men and he stands next to me and rubs hisself on me while he sez it.
Gebby was scared and runned away, Don't want no trouble, don't want to get in trouble with me mam. Gebby is scared that the Badman might do something horrid to the pretty ladies in the village, scare them, like he keeps scaring poor Gebby when he comes up and tries to talk to her all the time. Gebby dun no about much, but she knows when she's scared. Gebby dun knowed why The Badman keeps tryin to make Gebby look bad. lyin' bout what he did, Gebby never done nuthink wrong.

Gebby dun want no trouble, miss.

Curtsies and runs from the room sobbing.

This paper makes no comment on either statement.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hello people of golgothica. We have below the three canidates staements of intention for you all to read. In this papers view only one is suitable for the post however to keep things fair we will not state which. So please read all carefully when making up your mind. I will see you at teh voting booths.

Delphi Dawn

Greetings Citizens and Masters!

Let me introduce myself. I am Jacob Ethelstan, you may have seen me about Wytchaven already and I hope I have left an air of optimism and my excellent taste in clothes a smile on your weather worn faces. I am running for Mayor not as a revolutionary but as a man with experience who will give his all. My time here has been spent speaking with the smelliest of peasants and the hardest nosed business people, doing my best to get a rounded understanding of what we need to make all our lives a little easier. I can’t promise you a life of safety; as serfs under sometimes harsh masters and with the threat of selfish rebels it would be a lie to tell you that was possible. However, I would strive on your behalf to make those risks as small as possible; not aggravate them with false promises of equality or foolhardiness.
I would do my best to encourage new blood to the village and cease the influx taking place from our community into the rebel ranks. My intention would similarly be to strengthen the bonds of communication not only between master and serf but within the village itself, bringing Wytchaven to its true potential as a community. By beating down the unemployment we could do away with any wistfulness and give a sense of pride to all. And just a glance of my fine coat and hat would give pride to all as the knowledge spread that such a fine creature represented our society!
I also think it is important to strangle out the rise of rebellion that is sweeping our land. Many of them claim to be our friends, allies, but this is not the case. They arouse the ire of our Lords and Ladies and leave the burden of the blood tax to others whilst living without a care in their hidden dens. I would offer rewards for information that leads to the capture of these insurgents. I would work closely with high ranking Arisen to see that their most valuable asset, their food supply, is effectively protected both from rebels, villagers of poor character and overly enthusiastic undead.
I am fully approachable in almost every circumstance and would be more than happy to discuss any issues you might have whilst out on my daily strolls. In addition I would hold weekly council at the Town Hall and invite all to attend and share their grievances and wishes. Along side I would ask for two meetings in my month with the Arisen to convey your message amongst their ranks. Any who considered themselves worthy of working as a councillor I would consider and put through a strenuous interview to check their loyalty and appropriateness.
Thank you for taking the time to weigh me against the other candidates. If I make office I’d be quite happy to accept gifts of money and delicious food…which would be in no way a bribe… *Ahem* A vote for me is a vote for a brighter Wytchaven!

Ich Bin Ein Whytchavener

Greetings to you. My name is Karl von Fromund and I'm running for Mayor in your village of Whytchaven. You may think you don't know me, or haven't met me, but the chances are that I've already met you, spoken to you or cleaned your windows. I came to your lovely village about 3 weeks ago and, during that time, have witnessed the daily activities of village life. Most of these are, I am sorry to say, things we witness here on a daily basis such as theft, enslavement, rape and murder. It was around my second week in this beautiful village that I realised I could do something, to help both the villagers and our Lords, the Arisen. I reasoned that if I had an opportunity to take the position of Mayor I could bring about some change. I am sure most of us believe our lives could do with a little improvement and when I am elected improving your quality of life will be my top priority. How would you do that I hear you ask? Well, the first thing I would do would be to request a great meeting with out Lords, to discuss that particular point and to enable us to bring a more peaceful time to our village streets. To make Whytchaven a place where a young maiden can walk without fear of being raped by a passing traveller, slayer or righteous. Also, a place where our young men can grow up without being seduced to join some worthless outlaw/slayer band. Aye and a place where our children will learn to honor and love their rightfull Masters, who in turn will protect and cherish them.So before you cast you vote think carefully, do you want your time here to be lived out in the middle of a dangerous battlefied that sets family against family, mother against daughter? Or would you prefer a peaceful resting place where those that love their masters are cherished an honored? And if you want that peace then there is only one solution - vote for Honest Karl von Fromund because I will be able to provide the peace and security our lovely village so desparately needs and derserves.

Esteemed Golgothians,

The election of our Mayor is an important date in our history. The Mayor will be the representative of each one of us, and will be invested with a special legitimacy that will distinguish him from all other Golgothians. Hence this vote will cast and influence our future. This election should be the opportunity of a new era where our development will rely on our capacity to merge, integrate, and assimilate new members into the life of the community. I will devote myself, first and foremost to this action. The creation of the school will be instrumental and will help this development.
In view of very special and unique responsibility of the Mayor, I propose the following first measures:- I will be assisted with 3 or 4 deputy Mayors so that the coordination and animation presence of the Mayor will be almost permanently assumed. - I will institute a city council with 6 seats constituted with 3 prominent villagers (the school principal, one merchant and one craft-worker), and with the elders of our 3 neighbours (the Wytches, the Righteous and the Slayers). The city council will meet once a week and treat all subject of common interest, the development of the different groups, and the integration of the new members without interfering into the rulings that apply to the livings.- I will in parallel hold weekly general audiences to listen directly to your problems, and find ways to follow them and help you solve them. - I will institute a reception procedure so that the new members will be guided and supported during their integration process.- I will develop this in close understanding with the Lords, with which I will have weekly audiences. I will develop in parallel friendly links with each clan leader to help resolve delicate personal issues, and seek mutual compromises.
I am there for a month, and I intend to have a busy monthly schedule. - First, we need to have a welcoming and clean village. I will order a disinfection of all houses as it has been done at the Lodge. I will advocate the development of a sanitation card so that the citizens could be controlled against venereal diseases and ill sexual intercourses between livings and Arisens. - Second, the Mayor will develop stable and growing activities at the village by providing financial incentives and assistance to all those entrepreneurs that will submit credible and solid programs: we need the development of our services such as a Lawyer, an Accountant, an Estate manager, a Writer, etc.... I will also strive to incite the Lords to redevelop maintenance and services at the Castles.- Third, this a place where we should all find pleasures, fun and events, I will from now start the preparation of the end of June feast festival.
More generally, I will act as the animator of our development, so as to change the desires of all the Golgothians into positive actions.I intend to listen to each one of you so that your frustrations, even those of even a simple visitor or guest will find a positive issue. I will strive to set limits or perspectives so that the misunderstandings and differences between all groups and/or individuals will find ways to be solved or to develop for the common interest of all.
I will act with the long term perspective of the common Interest of the Lords and their subjects, by remaining steadily and with never failing in my relations with them, as the representative of the Villagers and their neighbors. My first solidarity will go to the Livings. I will put my oath and will give my life for this if required.
The Lords, in their overwhelming intelligence, have given us the means to show to them that they can trust their subjects: let us grasp it. Golgothian, I count on you!

So there you have it people. I hope you read them all carefully and not just the first one which is great.However, it wouldn't be fair on the canidates not to read them all fully. Now as I walked into my office this morning i spelt cinnamon which means that damn gossip fairy has been sneaking around again. As per usual we here at the golgothican can not varify her sources or if anything she says is more than half truth, but she is rather amusing so.....

The gossip fairy strikes again!

Hello my darlings, your sparkly eyed goddess of gossip here once more. Well its election time in our fair town and news is traveling as fast as the clap in the lodge.

First up shocking news! One of the canidates running for mayor was accused of threatening our poor sweet village idiot with rape. I mean this is a man we are supposed to turn to for help? Ladies I suggest iron knickers if you go near him cause he has more than one type of wood. (clue to which one is hidden cunningly in the text)

The second of our canidates also has an air of offness about him. In fact like long dead and still walking adn well past his sell by date. He was seen recently caked in make up to hide his pale skin. I wish he had cleaned his teeth too, as the smell of old blood lingers. Either that or he is decidely fruity if you know what i mean.

Which leads me to the third and final canidate. Although much loved by this paper and a favorite with the bookies this canidate was seen in a rather frilly number. Now we all know he is a snappy dresser but silk knickers? Anyway womens smalls aside or in his case large with extra support and built in corset. We wish you luck.

My final words I save for all those who are loyal followers of my little ray of sunshine called a column. Remember to vote, make sure rapists and liars do not get in and if you see a man in make up help him out he looks like a reject from that touring actor troup last year!
Sleep well and pleasent dreams for our dreams can not be taxed yet!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A greeting from the new editor

Hello citizens of Golgothica. I wish to introduce myself. I am Delphi Dawn, reporter, editor, friend to all. I am here to bring you all the news and current affairs that effect us in this fair land of ours. There will be many new things added, such as a personal adds column, services offered and needed, also in-depth interviews with all those that shape our homeland, as well as your old favourites. My office door is always open to those who have information and stories. You might even find it rewarding! I do hope you will come see me at my office above the school house, even if it's for an off the record chat. And so to the news ......


reporter Delphi Dawn.

It was a bright sunny spring day ideal for the first Spring Faire and Tournament. The day started with a buzz of excitement from all in Golgothica waiting for the fun of the day to start. Which it did with a wonderful group of entertainers. Locals took it in turn to play for the gathering crowd while a gypsy girl performed dangerous fire dances for all to watch in awe. This same girl then went on to offer kisses for groats to all present. I was surprised by how many people paid to feel her lips on theirs, both male and female! But it was all in good fun.
Apart from the wanton hussy and her kissing booth the Jester not only amused us with his marvellous talking hat and juggling but he later played for us, a true entertainer. Mean while fortunes were told by gypsies and they danced for all to see. The mood was light and all waited for the days races to start, which they did with barrel races. As the crowds lined the track I saw many a wager laid. First were barrel racing heats which caused much laughter as not only village folk but the lords and ladies took part. These were followed by the fen beast race! Oh it was a thrilling spectacle watching this large yet graceful beast race through the streets and forest of Golgothica.
The end of the course lay at the place put to one side for the tournament. ((Winners of the races will be posted later on in the paper for those that had money laid on the outcome)) As people laughed and stabled their fen beasts congratulating the winners fighters prepared to battle off to the sides.
This battle of steel against steel was a fearfully awesome display of brute force, skill and intelligence. As combatant after combatant faced off against each other. Leaving only three standing at the end. These three then went on to fight till the last man stood or in this case woman! Maleficent Nightfire leader of the Demons became the Champion of Golgothica and was awarded a sword nearly as big as her.
The event then finished with a Masked Ball where all tried there best to look resplendent in the finery even mere peasants like me managed to look there best in there mended frocks. However in my opinion it was the masks that made this event magical. At one point a girl wearing a dress of leaves and a carved wooden mask was seen to dance with Lord Aizen. In all it was a wonderful event enjoyed by all!

The lost stone of Abaddon

The young demon had never ridden one before, he wasn't going to tell anyone that though. The fell beast launched itself across the barren moorland sensing the inexperienced hands at it's reins.'Ah, this is easier than I'd imagined', he thought,just as the beast decided to leap a high stone wall.It would have been fine, the demon's balance was excellent and he was strong, but a heavy tree branch hove into his view just before his forehead connected with an audible slap.BlacknessHe shook his head, found himself crumpled by the stone wall, he had no idea how long he'd been there, the fell beast was nowhere is sight.As he shifted to raise himself, a dislodged clump of earth fell back, revealing the rounded edge of a worked stone. Using his cleaver to dig he quickly uncovered a slender stone discus, etched with strange markings inside a complicated sworl. He thought he recognised this type of stone, it wasn't quarried locally, but where had he seen it?Acting on a hunch he crossed the gate-bridge and moved across the drumlins to Hexen Hill. He approached the starfell menir, confirming his guess. Moving nearer, he noticed a glimmer of lambent light breaking through his cloak. Looking down to see the strange sigils sparking with starfell power as it reacted to the larger body of rock, perhaps the parent body. What did this mean?Who could decipher the meaning of the strange disk?

The Ghosts of Wytchaven.

We the villagers of Wytchaven have always avoided the ruins of the abbey, its seems there are many reasons to do so. One reason being, we fear that to be seen there will upset our most benevolent of rulers. However a new more chilling reason has come to light. I am not alone in my observations. Many reports have come to me that hooded figures have been seen lurking in this once great edifice.
It was late the other evening that my own encounter took place. I was alone in my office looking out of my window, when I saw a figure cloaked in darkness moving towards the abbey. As quick as I could I grabbed my cloak and went to make chase, to put an end to the rumours flying about the village. I was only moments behind and yet when I made my way onto that once holy ground I lost sight of the figure. There was only one place it could of gone. Risking my own life and afraid of falling masonry, I entered the ruins themselves ready to face whoever the hooded figure was.
I held my breath dear readers and stepped over the threshold only to find I was alone. The figure had disappeared into thin air.
I have to admit I was whiter than a villager after blood tax day. I returned to my office shaken but determined to find the truth. For several nights I kept watch, and for several nights I followed the hooded figures, only for the same thing to occur time and again.
Therefore I must bring myself to admit the unthinkable. Wytchaven is haunted. However, this leaves me to wonder why it is now the dead brothers once again wander the abbey grounds? Is it an ill omen, a warning of impending doom or is there an as yet unforeseen explanation?
If anyone can shed light upon this most taxing of mysteries please contact me at the Golgothian.


Today I bring you the first in a series of interviews with the movers and shakers of Golgothica. I hope they offer you a before unseen glimpse in the character of the people we know and love around this our fair land.

My First interview is with Lord Aizen Wind, the Thereon or captain of the army of demons. To say I was a little fearful is an understatement. I was lead by a serving girl called Bridget into the very heart of the demon castle. I was met by Aizen, as I was told to call him, and offered a seat. The smell of rotting flesh hung heavy in the air, he wore black leather and was in human form, this I felt was done to put me more at ease. I have to admit it worked, after general greetings and introductions the interview commenced. (For most of the interview you will see I refer to myself as D and Aizen as A)

"Firstly my lord I would like to say thank you for our time. Next I would like to ask about law and order for the subjects here in Golgothica".
His eyes are intent and focused on mine, I feel cold fingers of fear tickle my spine. We are not alone in the room, his serving wench and two other demons are with us.
He nods "What is the question?" I obviously have paused to long and been caught staring at him, I quickly answer.

D: I hear that random attacks are occurring throughout Golgothica. What is being done to ensure public safety?

A: From my squad?

D: Yes, I would think keeping ones food supply safe would be priority.

A: Yes, we do attack those we suspect of being a traitor or assisting one, to assure loyalty of our island.

D: I see. I was referring more to the criminal element

A: Oh, you mean from the rebels then?

D: Yes my lord.

What I meant were the outlaws thieves and low lives that prey on the weak and defenseless of Golgothica. However i do not want to press matters unless he thinks I am trying to make a fool of him. He seems disconnected from the real issues of the subjects here and I am left wondering if that is a demon trait or just how he thinks, after all he leads an army not a police force.)

A: The fools know not what they are doing

(I try again to approach the question.)

D: I heard not only villagers but your own are being attacked and robbed.

(I look over to where Adrienne Juliess is leaning and listening against the post, unsure as to why she is here but uneasy in her presence.)

A: If they cut us off from Wytchaven it will be overrun by fen-beasts, the creatures that only we of the Arisen can tame. So, yes, we are looking to stop such act.

(I can not hide the shock in my voice at this statement dear reader. I was disturbed to say the least.)

D: But would not the villagers then suffer my Lord?

A: Indeed, it is why we must find a solution, My squad/clan is the solution to that.

(His eyes are burning into mine as we speak, he comes across as a very intent person, extremely focused, but not on his wards but rather on destruction.)

D: And do you have any plans as of yet?

(He shrugs. I realise even if he did he would not tell me. Again I am shocked by the answer but hide it.)

A: The only problem is lack of warriors. At present I am trying to recruit and train other imps to be true demon warriors themselves.

D: So you feel a lack of demon law enforcement is adding to an already growing problem?

A: Indeed, how often do you see a demon on watch, or patrolling? Other than me, that is?

D: So very rarely.

(I offer him my awarding winning smile.)

A: Yes it is true. I am unstoppable and can be a one man army and fight against many, but I can not be everywhere all the time.

Adrienne Juliesse blurts out "I say we just rip out the horns of the lawbreakers" I ignore this and move on.

D: Do you think the appointment of a mayor would aid you?

A: I will not seek the aid of humans, as that will only show weakness.

(His voice booms as he says this and I think "Oh dear I am dead".)

D: Oh no my Lord, I did not mean it that way. But a liaison between the living and undead might help you locate the criminal elements? Keep you in touch with the needs of us, your lowly food sources.

A: Could be, but I force information out of the humans anyways.

(I smile sweetly and flutter my eyelids.)

D: Aye Sir, but sometimes, as you know my Lord, you can catch more flies with honey then vinegar.
Aizen rubs his chin "Sounds like too much effort and less challenging" he laughs, and it is not an unpleasant sound.

D: Lets move on to a new topic. I hear there is a blood shortage my lord since the Exciser's untimely end.

A: Blame Xan, my wife for that, the lazy woman better work harder!

D: Now to gossip my Lord. As you know many a villager looks up to you here at you in your vast palaces and wants to know what Aizen is truly like. How do you relax, my Lord, after a busy day?

A: Literature and poetry.

D: Oh, a man after my own heart or demon as it was.

A: I am actually a scholar and come from a royal background. But many only see me in my greater form, where I'm usually filled with rage, bit barbaric, quick to strike and short on words. Completely unstoppable.

D: Romance, my Lord. Do demons love and feel amour?

(He chuckles.)

A: Well, we do have love even if we don't want it. I was married to Xan when i was still human. Not that I remember it but my heart still does. Only way I have proof is by my journals.

D: I thank you for sharing with me my Lord

(I can't help but feel a little pity for him)

A: Love is a strange mystery for me, but it doesn't slow me down.

(We end the interview there, I collect my things and I go, feeling a little wiser and a little more enlightened as I hope are you dear readers.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Welcome Friends!
Welcome to this the first edition of your local News broadsheet, The Golgothian.
I am looking forward to providing you with an informative, useful, and also,I hope at times, amusing read, for those of you that can that is. Others not so blessed with the opportunity of a decent education will, I am sure, be able to find a friend willing to read aloud this organ of information to them.
Well, spring is almost upon us and there is much hustle and bustle in the village,
The the forest is also beginning to spring into life once more after its long winter sleep, and our great rulers are blessing us with many more visits to the Village now that the snow has finally melted and gone.
I should here add that I am extremely grateful to The Lords and Ladies of the Arisen for there kindness in giving me leave to publish this humble news sheet. May their shadows ever darken our paths. Thank you.
Please note: my humble printing press, and on occasion myself, can be found on the upper floor of the School building (just past the Bakers shop heading towards the Abbey.
Well I am not a great one for words myself, more of a channel for the dissemination of the words of others, so without further ado I will place before you the divers collection of articles that have passed into my hands over the past few weeks.
Good Reading to you all.

A Cross of Treachery

I received this just today on the street.

On the 28th of the month of February, the ruins of the church was thewitness of the rage of nature...or should we say "unnatural" justice?
After the word that a gypsy woman was tied up on a cross by a priest, it was clear the disturbance on the air of the lands of Golgothica.
Since the new race of forest people revealed themselves, the villagers and other habitants, now hesitate of whom to trust: the gypsys...? or these so called Fae creatures...?"
The truth is that, according to those who were there during the earthquake that brought the cross down, it was a strange figure, a mixture of a woman and a tree of some sort what caused the roots emerge form the ground and the cross being shattered to add another remains to this already forsaken ruin.
The peace that we all want to believe, it's being held at least on a minimum seems to shrink after such a ruthless act agaisnt the habitants of the camp of the woods.
And now the question is... will this be the end of it...or just the beginning...?
The shouts of rage of the Fae female still make the church to tremble with the words from that day
"D'Roma.......preacher......come out.....and explain..."
" D'Roma....."
"Benedict D'Roma.....come thee out, Judas....we had an agreement.....explain thyself..."

Ahndree Gallas

The Great Cow Escape!


Dateline- Wytchaven :

The serene tranquility of Sunday night in Wytchaven was shattered in a single terrifying instant when five hundred head of cattle were set free from holding pens on board a local shipment of beef and other livestock, killing some dozen sheep and chickens and scattering entire flocks of terrorized barnyard fowl into the night. "It was like a scene from one of those horror-plays that the Fool's Twitling Troupe used to do - before they ran afoul of Lord Aizen and were eaten." said a local resident who lives nearby.

Local farmers spent the next five hours rounding up stray cattle, and the chaos was eventually calmed as the sun rose over the village. Local officials said their only clues are the prints of small bare feet in the sand amid the trampling of hundreds of hooves, and they are now seeking answers -all citizens are asked to come forward with any information.

"I don't know what happened -" said one golden-haired milkmaid interviewed near the scene "But it suuuure made a biiig mess !

Whispers on the wing: The Gossip Fairy

As Usual the Editor cannot be held responsible the views and opinions expressed here by the Gossip fairy. In fact the Editor has never met her/him, and is only in the business of passing on the said gossip. As to its authenticity, I in no way can vouch. Personally I would not trust a fairy as far as I could blow it.

Hello everybody your mutated hottie of gossip here. I have more exciting rumors from the mill we call Golgothica! I can't say its all true but who cares if its juicy.

First up a huge "I am sorry" to the fish loving gypsy of Golgothica! Seems after a grilling and a rake over the hot coals my fishy informant proved to be a liar. Yes its true all rumors of sexual misconduct were false. I am now left with egg on my chin and a fishy taste in my mouth!
(If anyone has a cat I have fish pieces they can have for free)

Next up there is a story going around that a peeping tom is loose in our beloved woods! Fair gypsy maidens beware. A certain demon was caught spying on a fair maiden, but he is not alone in his spying OH no the woods have eyes ladies and gents. Seems a new sport is rife with Golgothicas high ranks!

Also a word of warning to the elders of out fair home a conman has been reported in the area. Already he has tried to sell anti fire and theft insurance to a certain firm of woodsmen based at the wickerman. I feel he was on loser there. Remember always ask for ID before letting anyone in.

Which reminds me its not long now till Beltane folks. I will be hidden amongst you and will be reporting on who was with whom and who wore what so I suggest you get to sowing your best frocks girls or you might end up on my pages for all the wrong reasons. Keep those rumor fires burning. Kisses my lovelies.

Elemental Harmony

Here is one of what may well turn out to be a short series of articles on what the gypsies call the 5 elements that are present in all things. I was handed this while passing through the woods on my way to pay my respects to our illustrious rulers.

Gypsy Dahlia

Since the before Starfall, my people have been keepers of the Sacred Flame. The dances of our ancestors have been handed down from mother to daughter over the ages. Surviving the evils that fell upon our lands, the rituals live on. Our bodies move in time to a rhythm that sings to the fire. It dances with us, flesh and flame together in harmony.

Fire. This is my element.

It is said that fire is the element of passion, the summer, and the color red. When I take my place in the sacred circle to call the elements forth, you will find me at the lower right point. The Goddess Hecate herself blesses me each day with a great respect for fire and what it can do. She has also gifted me with an attunement to the energy and power associated with this element. Do not anger me in a lightning storm or near the hearth! I draw from its energy, I feed it my own. The fire and I - we are one.

You wish to hear more? Next time I will talk of another element. Perhaps it will give you a new and greater respect for them than you had before.

Blessed be.